De Kromhouthal

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231

1021 KP

The Kromhouthal is situated on business park ‘De Overkant’ in Amsterdam North. The fabric engines of STORK and Kromhouthal used to spin full speed and the manufacturers of the factory were in charge. The Kromhouthal maintained it’s raw appearance. The cranes, steel constructions, 15 meters high ceiling and a 3.500 square surface creates a unique look and feel for the hall and your event. The front of the location is situated directly at the IJ-shore and offers a stunning panoramic view over the water end the center of Amsterdam.

Public transport

De Kromhouthal is reachable with public transportation (ferry or metro). With metro 52 (the north-south line) you drive within fifteen minutes from Amsterdam South to the new Noorderpark Station. Getting on at Central Station is also possible. The metro line runs 10 times per hour. From Noorderpark station, you should leave in an easterly direction and follow the Johan van Hasseltweg. At the roundabout take the second exit on the right to go straight on to the Gedempt Hamerkanaal. At the end of this road, you will find De Kromhouthal.

We organized a shuttle service between the IJplein (arrival ferry) and the Kromhouthal. At the backside of Amsterdam Central Station, the ferry leaves to IJplein at least four times per hour. (Get the most far-right ferry when you’re facing the water) This ferry will take you to the IJplein in five minutes. Shuttle vans will bring all Friends of Search visitors to the Kromhouthal (time: 8.15 - 10.15 and 17.15 - 20.30). Do you have a bike? No problem, you can take it on the ferry.


There are two different parking options:

  • You can park on the premises of the Kromhouthal (Gedempt Hamerkanaal 96 Amsterdam). Here are 50 parking spaces free of charge. When all occupied, parking becomes paid parking. A day ticket costs max € 30.00. The payment machine is located next to the entrance of the Escape Factory and at the entrance to Jumbo.
  • You can park in the surrounding streets around the Kromhouthal. A day ticket costs a maximum of € 7.80 (until 7 p.m. in the evening).